YLC Kicks

Due to its amazing growth and success, YLC Kicks has transitioned away from YLC and is now Kicks NOLA! Read below to learn more.

YLC Kicks is now Kicks NOLA!

On March 10, 2017 YLC Kicks transitioned to become Kicks NOLA, a separate organization no longer tied to Young Leadership Council. YLC recognized the incredible success and growth experienced by YLC Kicks over its 5-year lifespan and wished to support the project’s pursuit of increased impact and expanded programming. To this end, it was decided by both parties that the project was ready to set out on its own as a separate entity.

The new initiative, called Kicks NOLA, is a project of Catalyst Group NOLA, Inc. It seeks to replicate and expand on the successful model created through YLC Kicks in order to influence change at the systemic level and build capacity at school soccer programs to create additional pathways for youth to find success through soccer.

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