Role Model

Melanie Talia

New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation

Tenacious Advocate

Melanie A. Talia is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation where she directs the Foundation in its ongoing role as a principal fiduciary agent, negotiator and advisor to all members of the criminal justice system in Orleans Parish.  Ms. Talia has a targeted focus on the New Orleans Police Department, playing a critical role in the recent national recruiting initiative, as well as offering support in technology and training efforts.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Talia was an Assistant District Attorney in Orleans Parish for 17 years where she prosecuted capital cases and other violent crimes. As Chief of the Screening Division, she managed undercover investigations, conducted joint investigations with the United States Attorney’s Office and advised the Grand Jury, New Orleans Police Department and staff attorneys on legal matters. As Chief of the Economic Crime Unit, Ms. Talia reviewed and prosecuted “white collar crimes” including insurance fraud and tax evasion. Ms. Talia was recognized as Prosecutor of the Year by Victims and Citizens Against Crime for her prosecution of misconduct by public officials. Ms. Talia’s demonstrable devotion to the fair administration of justice and reputation as a tenacious advocate for the rule of law make her a credible and respected commentator on the city’s criminal justice system.

Ms. Talia is a native of New Orleans. She is a faculty member for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, a graduate and active member of the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute, and a member of the Rotary Club of New Orleans.

Melanie Talia