Vendor, Artist Village, and Non-profit Showcase applications are now available for YLC's Wednesday at the Square 2017! Don't miss out on this opportunity for your organization or business to be seen by an average of 6,000 concert attendees each week. 

WATS 2017 Applications

Thank you for your interest in Wednesday at the Square! The applications for Food Vendors, Artist Village, and the Non-Profit Showcase are linked below. Please pay careful attention to the submission instructions on each form to ensure your request is processed properly. Participating Artists, Food Vendors, and Non-profits will be selected by February 17.


Food Vendor Application

Due: February 8

Closed: YLC is no longer accepting Food Vendor applications.

For food vendors who wish to share their culinary treats from booths at each WATS concert.


Artist Village Application


For artists who are interested in selling their wares in the “Artist Village” section of each WATS concert.


Non-Profit Showcase

Due: February 8

Closed: YLC is no longer accepting Non-Profit Showcase applications.

For each concert of the WATS season, one non-profit organization is chosen to showcase their work in the community.