Inspire STEM

Project Description

Inspire STEM is a science, technology, engineering, and math career awareness and workforce development program designed for 11th and 12th graders in public schools partnered with First Line Schools.

The Inspire STEM program consists of a 1 hour workshops, held at the school site, in which volunteers engage students at four stations (one for each science, technology, engineering, and math) introducing them to the career applications of these fields. Before and after the workshops, students are surveyed on their knowledge and interest levels in STEM based career and education paths.

The Inspire STEM Program caps off the “Engage Workshops” with a career day at a special off-campus site with a local STEM employer. Local business representatives meet with students to provide a “day in the life” experience in a STEM career field of their interest. Site visits are arranged to give students a look at careers that they have expressed an interest in previously. These field trips will provide the students with access to professionals in careers that they aspire to.

Surveys will be administered before and after the workshops and site visits. These survey results will be tabulated to identify opportunities, including scholarships, job opportunities, education, etc., and match these with students expressed interests. YLC volunteers will create packets for each student with local opportunities that match with the interested that they expressed in their surveys.

Volunteer Opportunities

Engage: A 2 hour program for the juniors and seniors held at Clark Prep. We will require at least 12 volunteers
Experience: Employers will host students for a morning giving them an understanding of how their business operates. At least two YLC volunteers per site will be needed to help plan and coordinate this experience.
Empower: Volunteers will create career packets for the students at the YLC office based on the students survey results. These packets will then be given to the students.

Project Leader:

Melanie Robinson

Learn more & get involved!

Email: askmelanie1@gmail.com

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