Lafayette Square Conservancy

Lafayette Square Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the historic downtown park called Lafayette Square.

Lafayette Square, a jewel of an urban park since 1788

Located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, Lafayette Square is a welcoming green space for workers, residents, and visitors to the city. Founded in 1788, it is the second oldest park in New Orleans after Jackson Square.

Who We Are

The Lafayette Square Conservancy (LSC) is a volunteer-run project of the YLC, dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Lafayette Square. The LSC was formed in 2006 following Hurricane Katrina to help with clean-up and recovery efforts in the Square. The project is comprised of three project leaders and around 12 core volunteers. While some have been involved with LSC for years, we welcome new volunteers year-round!

What We Do

The Lafayette Square Conservancy helps to keep Lafayette Square clean, safe, and beautiful by providing seasonal plantings, fertilization, mulching, cleaning and other general maintenance. LSC coordinates with various City departments as needed and partners with the Department of Parks and Parkways and the Downtown Development District to obtain grants and sponsorships for special project funding.

About Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square requires constant care and attention. The square is used by many people every day and regularly hosts large events including YLC’s free outdoor concert series, YLC Wednesday at the Square. The Square receives over 250,000 visitors per year. Events and everyday use naturally cause wear and tear and creates the need for regular upkeep and maintenance. That’s where you come in!

Join the Lafayette Square Conservancy

The LSC mission is to help facilitate the maintenance, beautification and safety of Lafayette Square and to provide a well-maintained public green space for residents, visitors and area workers. Please consider joining the Lafayette Square Conservancy project and help us to keep Lafayette Square safe, beautiful and clean.

Project Leaders: Jason Cormier, Walter Reed IV, Graham Williams

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