Where Ya’ Rack?

What is it?

We make city living easy and healthy!

Where Ya’ Rack? installs unique and secure bicycle racks throughout New Orleans to encourage cycling as an environmentally friendly and healthy transportation option for commuting, short trips, and errands. All of our bike racks are sponsored by citizens, businesses, or property owners and installed by YLC member-volunteers! Like bikes and power drills? This is your project!

How do we do it?

Where Ya’ Rack? holds monthly committee meetings to discuss project goals and future plans to dominate New Orleans with our signature Fleur-de-Lis bike racks. Then we engage property owners, schools, and local businesses on the values of adding a bike rack: neighbors and patrons will love them for offering safe and convenient bike racks for those who choose to arrive on two wheels. Finally, our team of volunteers all pitch in for a few hours on a weekend for the installation!

Where Ya Rack



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