YLC Fleurish

YLC Fleurish's mission is to Increase the well-being of New Orleanians by helping people to connect with others, themselves, existing wellness opportunities, and the YLC community.

Who We Are

YLC Fleurish organizes opportunities to increase well-being, personally and in the community at large. We focus on what can make New Orleanians happy and healthy – be that physically, spiritually, psychologically, or otherwise. As YLC’s newest project, we are excited to grow organically and serve our community in ways that nourish our collective well-being.

What We Do

We host events that bring our community together for joyful connection, to learn more about well-being and happiness. We have hosted group runs, yoga and dance classes and goal-setting and plant-care workshops.  If you are interested in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, this is the project for you!

Project Leaders

Sydney Kastner

Leighton Samson

Ben Bratcher

For more information, email

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