Nominate a 2019 Role Model

2019 YLC Role Model Nominations Are Now Open!

Learn more about YLC's Role Models and how to place your own nominations below! Please stay tuned for information about the date, time, and venue for the 2019 YLC Role Model Awards Gala.

Nomination Deadline: Friday, March 22 at 11:59 pm

YLC Role Model Awards Gala

Each year, YLC selects a group of individuals who have distinguished themselves by actively contributing to the betterment of our community. These individuals are then honored at YLC’s annual Role Model Awards Gala later in the year. YLC Role Models meet the following criteria:

  • Promoting a positive attitude and unyielding desire to enhance the quality of life in our community

  • Striving to unite our community in collaborative efforts for its further prosperity

  • Serving as an exemplary role model to young professionals

  • Taking an effective and vigorous leadership role in our community

  • Making specific contributions in his or her specific field of endeavor

To be eligible, all nominees must:

Nominate a Role Model

Know someone who fits these criteria? Follow the link below to nominate them for YLC’s 2019 Role Models Gala. The deadline for Role Model Nominations is Friday, March 22 at 11:59 pm.

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