Role Model

Scott Sternberg

Managing Partner, Sternberg, Naccari, and White

Scott Sternberg is the managing partner of Sternberg, Naccari, and White, a firm he founded six years ago. In those six years, the firm has grown from 3 to 16 lawyers in three offices. In addition to business and commercial litigation, Scott is best known for his media and First Amendment practice throughout Louisiana. Scott chased, and finally caught, his dream job, starting pro bono with the New Orleans non-profit newsroom The Lens and student papers, like The Hullaballo and The Daily Reveille, he now represents The Times Picayune, The Advocate, WVUE Fox 8, and national publications like USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

Scott attended LSU and obtained a degree in journalism, where he edited The Daily Reveille. Scott interned at The Times Picayune during the infamous summer of 2005, when the paper’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina won it two Pulitzer Prizes. Later, as newsroom counsel for The Advocate, he assisted the non-unanimous jury reporting team, state-changing reporting that eliminated one of the last vestiges of Jim Crow era laws, and for which The Advocate won its first ever Pulitzer Prize.

After a stint in Washington DC, Scott returned to attend LSU Law, where he did some freelancing at the legislature for the Times-Picayune, was selected for the Louisiana Law Review and Moot Court Board, and was elected law school Student Bar Association President. He was also elected to the LSU Board of Supervisors as its lone student member. 

After law school, he joined the storied New Orleans law firm of Baldwin Haspel, where he cut his teeth in admiralty, business and successions–and learned Media Law by doing pro bono work, slowly building a media practice. While there, he served as a project leader for four different projects at YLC, and a Board Member. He also represented YLC in numerous legal controversies, including the bridge lights and the BP Oil Spill. Scott has served on numerous boards, including the Jefferson Chamber, the Young Leadership Council, and the Board of Trustees and Alumni Board at the LSU Law School and Journalism School, respectively. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the Pro Bono Project, and serves on the boards of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the American Red Cross for Southeast Louisiana. 

Scott’s dream job is eclipsed only by his brilliant, patient wife, Breland, and their four (!) beautiful children.