Role Model

Terrance Osborne

Class of 2016 | Artist

Annually since 1986, YLC has selected a class of outstanding New Orleanians who serve as Role Models by actively contributing to the betterment of the Greater New Orleans region. These individuals are an inspiration to YLC’s young professional members and to the community at large.

Our 2020 Role Model Class is comprised of past role models from YLC's 34-year history. Revisiting our Role Models is an opportunity to learn about their changes in leadership, leadership lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what makes them Proud to Call New Orleans Home.

Terrance Osborne grew up in the heart of the culturally rich city of New Orleans. Being inspired by his diverse and colorful social surroundings, Osborne always held an undercurrent interest in art, largely fueled by his mother and his older brother. Fascinated by color, Osborne worked with whatever materials he could get his hands on. Finally, in 1991, under the guidance of artist Richard Thomas, he was able to paint with the passion and expression that he had been so avid about.

Osborne attended the prestigious New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (N.O.C.C.A.) while in high school and later graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Xavier University in New Orleans. For the following five years he taught at Alice Harte in the public school system. After Hurricane Katrina Osborne decided to dedicate his time completely to his art. His work has recently become a nationally recognized item. Over the past few years, he has been featured in a slew of public media. In 2004 Osborne was granted the honorary “Forty Under Forty Award” for his teaching and artistic contributions to the city of New Orleans. In 2006 Osborne was honored by New Orleans Magazine as one of the “Fifty People to Watch” for 06′.

In 2007 his Official Jazz & Heritage Festival Poster quickly became one of the most sought after posters of the year. In 2008 Osborne partnered with Nike to design a poster and the first New Orleans Air Force 1 tennis shoe. His association with Nike lead to a relationship with the NBA Hornets of which Osborne designed the first official Hornets poster. Be it an art connoisseur or causal collector, Terrance Osborne’s art continues to be highly sought after.