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For 30 years, YLC helped tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our community because we are proud to call the Crescent City home. Why are you proud to be a New Orleanian? Please share your story on this page and on your favorite social media channels!

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  • Calling New Orleans home is about so much more than just a mailing address and area code — it represents an attachment and a commitment to the people and cultures of this city. I’ve moved many times in my life, and no city has captured my imagination and made me feel like I’m “home” quite like New Orleans. It goes beyond the great food, music, and friendly people — there is something electric in the air here; a sense of positivity in the face of incredible adversity, and an ownership of a culture that is constantly being threatened by outside forces and changing demographics. Full disclosure: I’ve only lived here 3 years and recognize the hypocrisy of saying that this is “my” town, and yet I feel a need to give back to this place I call home more than anywhere else I have lived. This is where YLC and other organizations come in — they are doing the tough work of tacking real issues that have plagued NOLA’s communities for generations. If we’re going to be proud to call this place home, we need to support these kinds of institutions who are making a difference in people’s lives. Thank you to YLC and the people of New Orleans for making me NOLA PROUD!

  • Youth always get the bum rap for being shortsighted and idealistic. One of the things I have been most PROUD of about being part of the YLC is that we have always taken a long-term view while working to change the here and now.

    As I get involved in other organizations I have come to realize how amazing that is and how well it is done.

    I have rarely been Prouder to Call It Home…

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