YLC is Seeking Our Next Executive Director

The Young Leadership Council (YLC) stands as a beacon of inspiration and transformation in the vibrant heart of New Orleans. For nearly four decades, this nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization has meticulously cultivated young professionals into tomorrow’s community leaders. Through ingeniously crafted volunteer-led projects, YLC has not just been about honing leadership skills. It has played a pivotal role in recruiting and retaining the youthful vigor and dynamism that rejuvenates New Orleans, ensuring the city continues to buzz with life, energy, and innovation.

A defining moment approaches as we stand on the cusp of our 40th anniversary. YLC is looking for its next Executive Director with the vision and passion to steer the ship into a future replete with challenges and opportunities. The role promises leadership and the chance to shape the essence of what YLC stands for. From pioneering a sustainable funding model, charting strategic priorities deeply rooted in leadership development and community impact to fostering an enriching team environment – the responsibilities are as diverse as they are rewarding.

In collaboration with a deeply committed board, a dedicated staff, and an enthusiastic brigade of volunteers, the new Executive Director will have the chance to etch their mark in the New Orleans business and professional tapestry. Whether you see yourself in this role or know someone who fits the bill, join us or spread the word. For in YLC’s next chapter, history awaits its authors. Apply now or share this unparalleled opportunity within your network. The future of leadership in New Orleans could begin with you.

If you or someone you know is interested, you can submit an application by clicking here