YLC Recycles

What is it?

It’s time to go GREEN!

YLC Recycles engages volunteers interested in helping New Orleans become a greener, more sustainable place to live through education and service of our community. We are all responsible for making our community a healthy place to live, and YLC recycles is leading the way one plastic bottle at a time!

How do we do it?

Volunteers work as a team to provide recycling services for festivals, concerts, and other great events all over the New Orleans area. We also spend time educating the community about which materials they can recycle, why recycling is so important, and what recycling options are available to them at home, work, and school. The results have been amazing!


YLC Recycles


Sign Up!

It’s easy to get involved! There are so many events throughout the city that if we can be there we will.

To volunteer, fill out our interest survey, or email recycles@ylcnola.org

Project Leaders

Rachel Skowyra
Alexis Oufnac
Hannah Kincannon
Joseph A. Colón
Jillian Welsh
Lauren Kamp

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